A note from Tim McCain, the Senior Vice President of PhotoLynx, Inc.:

A couple of days ago I was sitting in a strategic planning meeting and we were going over all Photolynx has to offer when I was hit hard with a couple of feelings.  One was An extreme sense of gratitude, for our company’s success, for the friends photolynx has, and for all the staff who make me look good on a daily basis.  The other feeling was overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed as season approaches and the economy continues to sink, not just for us but for all of Photolynx client base.

As I continued down both those thought patterns, I realized the same reason I’m grateful is the same as what ALWAYS pulls us through the season and will help during these tough economic times.  I know our company has the best tech support in the industry as well as a great mix of people with different expertise.  I ran down all the things we do in my mind and promised myself I would write it down and send to everyone because since it helped me I am sure it will help you as well.

Some of the things Photolynx can help with is Powerful workflow software for data collection/matching to package printing, special services and everything in between. Now everyone knew that….what you might not know is PhotoLynx can help with Photography (we have a Master Photographer in Paul Schulz), workflow issues and setup, ( We have visited over 500 different companies and the knowledge we gain from each is invaluable), sales people who can help with sales presentations, and a few Graphic artists.  We are also launching a DATA service this year, were we will get data massage it, put in the system, assign record numbers, and send camera cards.In general get you ready for the shoot.

We now have an alliance with several people who do retouching and green screen pull out, they are all willing to pass a deal to PhotoLynx clients.  We still have all of the alliance members we had in the past as well.  After I ran through this all in my head gratitude took over and alleviated the overwhelmed feeling, I hope by thinking positively about your own business, it will do the same for you.

Seasons right around the corner, Call us to find out how we can help you be prepared. 760-782-9000

Have a great year!

Tim McCain
PhotoLynx Inc., Senior VP


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