PMA Offers Photo IT Forum

I thought this was an interesting email from PMA.  So far there isn’t much up yet.  But any community focused around the needs of photographers and IT should be supported.

Frustrated with Your IT?
Slow connections. Error messages. Blue screen of death. We know, it’s enough to make you pull out whatever hair you have left.

Dedicated to the unique IT needs of PMA members, the Photo IT Forum provides answers to basic and in-depth IT questions digital imaging companies have on a day-to-day basis.

Industry IT experts and PMA IT staff are moderating daily, to help you resolve issues, build efficiencies, and strengthen your business.

Topics include:

  • In-House Networks (Servers, Storage, Redundancy, etc.)
  • Online-Offsite Networks (Third-Party Solutions, Out-of-House Solutions, etc.)
  • Creative Applications (Non-Print Products Services, Creative Photo Products, etc.)

It’s just one more way your PMA membership works for you!

Get Solutions from the Forum


4 Responses to PMA Offers Photo IT Forum

  1. This forum is alive? If yes, please remove this topic and my account.

  2. My test this forum number 2. trfekiol

  3. tifotlyLido says:

    Hi I just registered to this devoted place . I need to ask for your opinion.
    Can you tell me please do you trade forex and if yes what forex agent do you use?
    Do you know of some good ones?

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    P.S. Sorry if I have posted to wrong category this but as you can see I am new here.

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