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PhotoLynx, Inc. Appoints New General Manager

San Diego, CA – Sept. 22, 2009 – Tim McCain, Senior Vice President of PhotoLynx, Inc. announces the appointment of Tawnya Pitman to the position of General Manager.  Mrs. Pitman is replacing Michael Stevens, who has resigned to pursue an opportunity in professional photography.

Tawnya Pitman has been with PhotoLynx, Inc. for 6 years, involved in most aspects of the company including tech support, customer relations, order fulfillment, on-site training and sales.  McCain says, “Tawnya’s dedication to our clients and their needs, her friendly, helpful spirit and her many years experience with our products make her extremely qualified for the position of General Manager.”

Tawnya and her family – husband Matthew, 4 year old daughter Jazmine and 2 year old son Zayden – live in Julian, CA.  Besides spending time with her family, Tawnya enjoys playing basketball and working with stained glass.

Located in Santa Ysabel, CA., PhotoLynx, Inc. is a privately owned California corporation founded in 1988.  PhotoLynx, Inc. specializes in writing and supporting digital imaging software for the volume package photography market; school, sports and dances.

In addition to the professions’ leading digital imaging software, PhotoLynx, Inc. also works with individual companies to produce custom needed software.



Goodbye My Friends……

Hi Everyone,

It’s been over four years since I started work at PhotoLynx.  I have enjoyed my tenure with PhotoLynx, but have decided to step down as General Manager and return back to my roots.  As many of you know, I helped operate a school picture company for most of my professional life, prior to becoming General Manager at PhotoLynx.

I have always considered every PhotoLynx client as a friend. I am going to miss working on a regular basis with my friends.  Over the last several years I have gained much insight and knowledge by working with such a great group of friends.  But, I know that I will still continue to see many of you at trade shows throughout the upcoming years.

I believe that PhotoLynx Software is the best there is for School and Sports volume photography.  As I move into my future, I will be still be connected to all of you as a PhotoLynx user.


Michael Stevens

Wireless Shutter Release

Here is the latest toy I’ve played with.  This works really cool!

Before you are tempted by one without an antenna, think twice.  The antenna doubles as a hair placement tool.  It can move little hairs around that would normally stick to your fingers and it helps you keep your distance from your subjects.  Keep it in your hand and you won’t ever fumble for the shutter release on the camera and miss that perfect shot!

Remote Shutter Release

Remote Shutter Release

I found this one on Ebay for most of the newer Nikons.