Goodbye My Friends……

Hi Everyone,

It’s been over four years since I started work at PhotoLynx.  I have enjoyed my tenure with PhotoLynx, but have decided to step down as General Manager and return back to my roots.  As many of you know, I helped operate a school picture company for most of my professional life, prior to becoming General Manager at PhotoLynx.

I have always considered every PhotoLynx client as a friend. I am going to miss working on a regular basis with my friends.  Over the last several years I have gained much insight and knowledge by working with such a great group of friends.  But, I know that I will still continue to see many of you at trade shows throughout the upcoming years.

I believe that PhotoLynx Software is the best there is for School and Sports volume photography.  As I move into my future, I will be still be connected to all of you as a PhotoLynx user.


Michael Stevens

One Response to Goodbye My Friends……

  1. Hi Michael… I haven’t spoken with you in a long time… you would probably remember us best as having a horible green screen event…. we were new in that market at the time and you were so helpful. We have decided this past year to form a joint venture with a competitor and do away with out our underclass sector of our business. Our partner has much more experience in this area and we are moving on to Sr. Portraits through our partnership and virtual and comercial work. I have to say that in the early years when we used Photolynx (which we would still have if if wasn’t cost prohibited for us) you were very helpful and I have missed the product. I wish you the best in your new ventures. Take care. Becky Smith, 518-791-2829 is my cell.

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