Need Help With Your School & Event Photography Marketing?

Every once in a while something comes across our desks that we think might be of interest to our clients.  This one was sent to us by one of our customers and we thought we’d share it with you.

There’s a set of Marketing Templates available that can make your life
easier. The set includes over 70 different marketing and sales tools for
Schools, Sports, Daycare, Dance, Directory and special Events photographers.
Resources include Proposals, Pricelists, Flyer Copy, Sales Letters and Business
Forms.  They are provided as MS Word or Excel files you can modify and
use, or as PDF’s you can use for reference. Also included is the effective
“Net  Pricing” spreadsheet you can use to give yourself a competitive advantage
in the  market. The templates were developed by Chris Wunder, Cr. Photog.
ASP, a  well-known industry expert. Order information is available by
writing _schoolfotos@aol.com_ ( .

If you are a visual learner, you may enjoy these video Workshops available
on DVD from Marathon Press. These are authored and presented by Chris
Wunder as  well. There are three different titles offered.

The “ABC’s of School Photography” is the definitive work covering the
Sales and Marketing of School Portraiture. The strategies taught are proven
effective – even for “newbie” photographers.  It’s a 3 DVD Set  covering 5
hours of content with everything you need to know to be competitive  in the
School market.

Another available DVD Workshop, “Year-Round Marketing Means Year-round
Cash!” covers 17 promotions you can do to keep the cash register ringing all
year long. Topics include promotions for Youth Sports, Childcare  Centers and
Preschools, Reunions, Event Books, Martial Arts Schools, Dance  Schools,
Proms and Gala events and much more. This is a two DVD set  covering over
three hours of content.

The final installment of the Workshop series teaches you how to get started
in the lucrative Pictorial Directory business. Family Portraiture is
always in  demand and photographing in VOLUME makes sense and is very profitable.
Learn to  tap into this market for Churches, Country Clubs and Gated
Communities. A 3 DVD  set with 5 hours of content.

Information on these DVD workshops can be found at