Users’ Group 2010 a Huge Success!

Even with airport closures, delayed and cancelled flights, and treacherous road conditions, nothing could keep our customers away from our 2010 Users’ Group meeting in Las Vegas this past week.  Like salmon swimming back to their spawning waters, the determined attendees trickled in.  As people would arrive, we got to hear a new story of what weather was encountered and how they finally got through.  It was really fun reconnect with clients we don’t get to see often and to meet new or prospective clients.  What a great meeting it was, too!  We had over 100 attendees from all over the world – including two customers all the way from Norway!

Drifting around the room Thursday afternoon, making introductions, and listening to people begin to chat with each other, I realized that this was more than just a client meeting.  It was such a great opportunity for everyone to learn something new, no matter how much they knew about the products, their workflow, or even their own business.

Several of the programs focused on new ways to really grow your business, from offering yearbooks, or keeping up with the latest trends using multi-background green screen proofing, using online proofing, or even image CDs.  Our presenters helped attendees understand some of our newer software modules, such as Tracklynx (our customer service, order entry and tracking software) and Proof My Class (a great online tool to help streamline accuracy of data between school and studio).  Tawnya talked about features of Image Match that aren’t necessarily well known, such as multi-crop proofing, automated image CD burning, advanced replace data, and the favorite new feature – using Riplynx to process exports so you can get back using Image Match right away instead of waiting for an export to run.  For more information on these features, you can either call us or go to the “How To’s and Manuals” page of our website (under the support tab) to download instructions.

As part of our participation in the SPAC Conference that was held in the same location after our meeting, I had the privilege of experiencing a live shoot complete with camera connection issues!  Camlynx was installed, tested and running beautifully, but when I attempted to connect with the loaned Fuji S5 camera, I found that I didn’t have updated drivers.  After getting what I thought were the correct drivers installed, I found out (two machines later) that there aren’t updated drivers for 64 bit machines for that particular camera model!  All went well after switching to a 32 bit machine and getting a couple lessons in shooting tethered with an S5 from one of our customers who uses this setup day in and day out.  It was very exciting being on the other end of our software and having it work so smoothly.  Another aspect of this shoot was that I had the pleasure of showing Camlynx to passersby.   It was neat showing features that some people didn’t know were part of the software such as the larger “quick view,” and the ability to select which image they wanted to save to the image name field when saving multiple images.

At the end of the day on Friday and Saturday, we wished the attendees a safe journey home, all with bright visions of how they were going to improve their businesses, workflow and personal future by implementing all the new ideas they got while attending the Users’ Group.  I left Sunday, pumped about how our software makes their business profitable, successful and efficient.

Thanks to everyone who attended!  You are what makes this meeting so great every year.  We couldn’t do it without you!!!

See ya next year!

Kat Smith,
Lead Support Technician


Only 3 Days Left!

Our General Manager’s 2010 special is about to end!  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!  This is the perfect time to either upgrade your existing setup by adding more stations of software, or to make the choice to put Photolynx in your corner for a successful year.  Remember, this offer is only through the 29th of January and only for NEW leases (not renewals).  See our website for details, and call today!! 760-765-1199.

Happy New Year and Happy 2010 Savings!!!

At PhotoLynx, we are celebrating the New Year and our new General Manager with a 2010 special.  Tawnya Pitman was appointed General Manager of PhotoLynx in the latter part of 2009, right in the middle of our busiest time of the year.  Since we didn’t have the time or opportunity to celebrate this event then, we are doing it now by offering you a General Manager’s 2010 Special.

Here’s how the 2010 General Manager’s Special works.  If you license a PhotoLynx program at regular price you get a second program, of equal or lesser value, for only $20.10.  For example, if you license ImageMatch at the regular 2010 price you can get a second copy of ImageMatch for $20.10.  Or, you could get ImageMatch at regular price and get ProComposites for $20.10.  Need more programs than the above examples?  Just license a 3rd program and get the 4th for $20.10. Keep adding as many programs as you need and just pay $20.10 for every other one, as long as they are of equal or lesser value.

Help Tawnya celebrate her new General Manager position. Call her at 760-765-1199 or email her at;  At the same time do yourself a favor and save a lot of money on your first year’s license of new or additional PhotoLynx programs.  She can build you any combination quote you may need, so take advantage of it.  What’s the small print you ask? We’ll keep it in regular print and keep it simple.  The 2010 Special applies to new orders, in US Dollars and the offer expires Jan. 29, 2010.  Don’t delay, do it today.  Thanks, and make it a super 2010!

Tim McCain,
Senior Vice President
PhotoLynx, Inc

We have moved!!!

We are happy to announce that we have moved our offices to the beautiful mountain town of Julian, California, so that we may better serve our customers, most primarily with faster internet service.  While this move should prove seamless to you, our customers, we do have one significant change.  We have a new phone number!   The new number is:


We also have a new fax number.  It is:


All of us are thrilled to make our new headquarters in such a beautiful town as Julian.  Julian is a historic gold mining town reknowned for its anitque shops, unique gift shops, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and most famously, apple pie!  Thousands of people flock to this haven year round for vacations, day trips, and line the sidewalk of Main Street for a slice of that fresh-baked apple pie!!  Julian also boasts several wineries that offer tastings and award winning wines.  For information on Julian, visit the Chamber of Commerce website here: