Happy New Year and Happy 2010 Savings!!!

At PhotoLynx, we are celebrating the New Year and our new General Manager with a 2010 special.  Tawnya Pitman was appointed General Manager of PhotoLynx in the latter part of 2009, right in the middle of our busiest time of the year.  Since we didn’t have the time or opportunity to celebrate this event then, we are doing it now by offering you a General Manager’s 2010 Special.

Here’s how the 2010 General Manager’s Special works.  If you license a PhotoLynx program at regular price you get a second program, of equal or lesser value, for only $20.10.  For example, if you license ImageMatch at the regular 2010 price you can get a second copy of ImageMatch for $20.10.  Or, you could get ImageMatch at regular price and get ProComposites for $20.10.  Need more programs than the above examples?  Just license a 3rd program and get the 4th for $20.10. Keep adding as many programs as you need and just pay $20.10 for every other one, as long as they are of equal or lesser value.

Help Tawnya celebrate her new General Manager position. Call her at 760-765-1199 or email her at; Tawnya@Photolynx.com.  At the same time do yourself a favor and save a lot of money on your first year’s license of new or additional PhotoLynx programs.  She can build you any combination quote you may need, so take advantage of it.  What’s the small print you ask? We’ll keep it in regular print and keep it simple.  The 2010 Special applies to new orders, in US Dollars and the offer expires Jan. 29, 2010.  Don’t delay, do it today.  Thanks, and make it a super 2010!

Tim McCain,
Senior Vice President
PhotoLynx, Inc


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