Multi-Background Green Screen Proof Sheets

The latest buzz in school photography seems to be offering your customers a choice of poses and backgrounds using green screen technology.  Photolynx, Inc., is right on that cutting edge giving you the ability to compete in this tight economy and give your customers exactly what they are asking for!

By using our software suite, consisting of Image Match, Pro Services and Riplynx, you can create beautiful proof sheets that show a variety of poses, crops and backgrounds, with the images being printed right on those backgrounds instead of the customer having to use their imagination while staring at their child’s photo on a green background.

For detailed instructions on how to put together one of these proof sheets, and the workflow instructions that take you from start to finish on printing those proof sheets, click here!


Winter Wonderland at Photolynx!

Well, while we like to boast about our gorgeous weather when we are enjoying 70 degree days and the rest of the country is iced up and snowed it, I thought it would be fun to let all of you know that we do get seasons at Photolynx.  The image below was taken as I arrived in Julian this moring.  Enjoy ribbing us about it, but it still isn’t as cold as the midwest 😉  Let it snow!

Kat SmithArrival in Julian, Feb 10, 2010

Join Us at PMA 2010!

“PMA 2010 – The Ultimate Event for Everything Photo.”  This is an excellent event to help keep up with the latest, greatest in the photography industry.  As always, Photolynx, Inc. will be there.  Come see the show on us!!!  For a FREE Full Trade Show Badge, compliments of Photolynx, Inc., click here!