Get the Latest Hotfix for Photolynx Software

  • Added new Import feature to remember fields on Import
  • Added new export menu
      • remembers last export
      • keyword entry
  • Added feature to  auto-set crop when doing an export
  • Added If Image Rotation is used in a Service and rendered through RipLynx, there is no longer a background to the rotated image, it’s transparent.
  • DP2 injection can now use the ImageName instead of the SubjectID for the Frame
  • Fixed issues with Greenscreen Memory
  • Fixed RipLynx rendering errors
    • Pixel Memory
    • xml ser error
  • Fixed Transparency when rendering through RipLynx
  • Fixed RipLynx error when sending to a Windows driven printer.

Note:  This hotfix only updates an existing installation….it does not install the base software.  Please contact Photolynx, Inc. for an install download, or go to and request a demo of our software.