Hello Photography world!

Hello photography world! My name is Robert and I’m the newest member of the PhotoLynx family. It’s been seven months since I joined the company and I have learned a great deal in that time. Summer is right around the corner and here in San Diego that means lots of time at the beach! So if you get a chance to visit then be sure to ask me about the best beaches and where to find them.


Getting ready

Many people are getting ready for the season. We are too. We are currently adding new reports to TrackLynx, ImageMatch, and CamLynx. Green Screen is getting an overhaul as well, the ability to use and export PNG files. This will speed things up with any render. Big changes are in the works!!!

Obviously we will release these changes in the next few weeks, so you can test and get used to them before the fall season starts.

We are excited about these changes, with the new features and our new Tech Robert Miles; we plan for a busy, yet smooth season.

School Fall photos are just around the corner; remember the key is preparation.

Have a great APRIL!!!

It doesn’t snow in sunny Southern California…or does it?

It’s raining, it’s snowing….Wait aren’t we in Southern California, and isn’t it almost May?  It has been an interesting year so far with the weather at the PhotoLynx office.  We have had snow storms and 80 degree weather back to back.  I know I can hardly wait for spring, and sunny skies.  Since we relocated the Santa Ysabel office to Julian, it means my house exactly 1.3 miles from the office.  I have been so excited to ride my bike to work, but we moved in the middle of winter and here we are days away from it being May and there is SNOW!!  C’mon Mother Nature, throw me a bone.  I guess there is one good thing that comes from this, HOT COCOA!!