“Hi (Put your name here) this is Trish from PhotoLynx”

“Hi (Put your name here) this is Trish from PhotoLynx”

“Oh…. (Silence) … Hi Trish, is it that time of year again?”

Yes, you’ve guessed it. I’m the money lady! Actually I’ve been called many names.

“Cousin Guido”, “Queen of Money”, “The chick who wants the Credit Card number”

It’s a lonely job but, somebody’s got to do it.

It’s been a bit of a challenge collecting monies during our current economy which has brought about some global changes in billing. We try to work with our clients as best as we can to provide software by making payment arrangements, when necessary, that fit the needs of our clients.  Recently we have had a difficult time collecting payments after software has been activated so we now require the payments before we activate the software. We have also have included a 5% finance charge for payments that are over 60 days in length. As a business we are also charged by our creditors when we cannot make a full payment. When our clients make payments we are also forced to make payments.

We appreciate our clients and I enjoy getting to speak with everyone at least once a year.

Keep up the good work you are all fabulous!

Tricia Kelly


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