Teamwork at its best!

Once in a while in our technical support team, we come across an issue that makes us say “I just don’t know why it is doing that” and we go round and round and revisit, test, step back, come back to it and scratch our heads for a while.  Well, today Robert, Tawnya and I were helping a customer with a font that worked beautifully in Pro Services, but errored when it was added to the PUD file as a service unit.

The error would tell us that this font, “Vivaldi” did not support “regular” or “bold.”  So we tested and brainstormed.  In the course of talking and bouncing theories off of each other, one of us thought “Well, if it doesn’t support regular or bold, what about italic?”

“But its already an italic font and it doesn’t change the way it looks in Pro Services”

“Lets try it anyway and see what happens.”

Taaaa Daaaaa!!!!!!!!

It seems that there are a few fonts that were previously usable in Pro Services, but wouldn’t render in Riplynx because they would give us this error.  Two of these are “Vivaldi” and “Monotype Corsiva.”  We tested both fonts and lo and behold, they work!  All you need to do is go to the text tools box for that text layer in your Pro Service template for that service item and click on the button that turns the font to italic.  It will not change the appearance of the text, but it will enable it to be read by Riplynx.

So, yes, we here at Photolynx are a team and this is one of those days when we get to celebrate a victory over one of those things that made us say “Hmmmmmmm…..”


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