Convert Your Ripped Packages to PDF’s

When rendering packages through Riplynx, you have the option to “Print to Image” and select from various image formats (ie jpg, tiff, bmp and targa).  In order to create your packages as PDF files, a PDF writer/converter needs to be on your  computer and it is then selected as a print driver.  Riplynx then sends the images to the PDF print driver, that then converts them to PDF files.  Most of these  PDF print drivers are slower than what most people would like and some need a computer operator to hit “ok” or enter a filename for the PDF.  They also tend to convert the entire print job into one single pdf file, instead of keeping each rendered unit as a separate file.

There had to be a better way….and I set out to find it……and did.  What I found was a program called “OmniFormat.”   It is a fairly simple program to use.  This program has a “watch folder” and when a jpg image hits that folder, OmniFormat automatically converts it to PDF.  It uses the exact file name that each unit is assigned by Riplynx, only it changes the extension to .pdf.  The process is much faster than if you were to render through a PDF print driver.

Keep in mind that while OmniFormat is a free program, you will get advertising pop-ups unless you purchase the un-sponsored version.  You will also need to download and install PDF995 (I recommend you install that one first).

To read more and download, click here:

For help setting up Riplynx to render to this program, please feel free to call us at 760-765-1199 or email


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