Did you miss me?

I am back from my vacation…It was amazing, I stayed home!  My husband went to visit some friends out of town, so I took a few days off to spoil my kids.  During this time I was taking many adorable pictures of my fantastic kids like this one:


(Jazmine and Zayden)

Then I started thinking, my pictures are so cute and my kids will look back at them and smile.  Shortly after my mini vacation I received a funny email which had a link to the following website http://awkwardfamilyphotos.com/.  Do you think they thought their pictures were amazing, or take it a step further, will my pictures eventually end up on this website???  I guess only time will tell.  At least we had a blast and I documented it along the way, and if my family pictures ever do end up on this website I will just deny ever taking them 🙂



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