Will Summer Ever Arrive?!?

Will Summer EVER Arrive?!?

 This is the time of year in Southern California that I love the most…..and hate.  Living in a coastal climate has its perks – we find ourselves in t-shirts at shorts at Christmas, our gardens continue to provide a host of winter edibles, and my most favorite aspect of living here….I can ride my horses year round!  So why do I hate it?  Well, because coastal climates tease.  We get gorgeous 70 and 80 degree days on a regular basis in February and March, but come April, May and June we get what is affectionately called “May Gray” and “June Gloom.”  Overcast, cooler temps and morning drizzle.  The cloudy gray lingers at the coast usually all day, or allows the sun to peek out for but a couple hours at best. 

 Inland, where I live and work, this means cool nights and ok days, lots of the morning and evening “marine layer.”  Some love this weather, but darn it, I am soooooo ready for 90 degree days!  I love the desert and I love the heat.  My family is very active in outdoor activities.  We hike, camp, fish, off-roading in our rock crawling Samurai’s or dirt bikes and quads, cruising on our Suzuki Intruder, trail riding and horse camping with our 6 horses….and whatever else we can find to keep us outside!  When the weather turns nice, we even do all of our cooking outside on the grill.

 This last weekend was absolutely beautiful!  My fiance and I were trail bosses on a poker ride with our local saddle club and everyone just couldn’t stop talking about how perfect the 80-some degree weather was with lovely clear blue skies.  And today….we woke up to a chilly house, drizzle and gray skies…..

 You’d think after living in San Diego County for the past 19 years, I would have become accustomed to the weather patterns!  But, every year as I watch the wildflowers bloom profusely, the grass turn green, I pull out the shorts, tank-tops and flip-flops, only to have to set them back on the shelf for a few weeks while we “endure” the May Gray and June Gloom.  Oh well, at least I know the weather will be just divine for me on August 14th when I marry my best friend at the horse camp in Rancho Cuyamaca State Park, under the oaks and pines!



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