“This is the best season ever”

“Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind’s eye, and you will be drawn toward it.”
Napoleon Hill

Season is upon us, we are knee deep in frantic calls, we are working 16 hour days, and family life is non existent…That is what season was for us in the past.

Today it is a different story, today we are on top of it. I hear from the staff, “This is the best season ever!!”

I agree a 100%. We are handling things left and right. We are putting in features, fixing issues, and not stressing.

I wondered why this is the case, because I want to duplicate this next season. I went over what we have done differently now as opposed to years past. There are a number of things, but this quote sums it up best:

“Hold a picture of yourself long and steadily enough in your mind’s eye, and you will be drawn toward it.”
Napoleon Hill

We did and now here we are. This has nothing to do with magic or “positive thinking”, at least based on the way I used to look at it. I used to believe that positive thinking didn’t work; it was for weak minded folks who couldn’t handle what life was throwing at them. It was just a way to cope. I was wrong. Once I began to investigate it and experiment with it in my own life I found it works! The power of positive thinking pulls us towards whom and what we want to be. We imagine it, feel it as if it were happening, do the leg work, then it happens. What ever “it” may be to you.

Now back to our great season…I can’t take the credit for it. I was experimenting and investigating this simultaneously while Tawnya and the rest of the staff were putting it into practice. They all thought last year was the WORST season we had ever had. So they envisioned what a “good” season looked like, next we changed policies to reflect that, the whole while being optimistic that it would be good, holding the picture of what we wanted it to be.

There are still tons of ways we can improve, and with this new way of thinking in our office, I know we will.

Some of my reading during my investigation: Think and grow rich -Napoleon Hill, The Secret –Rhonda Byrne, The Power –Rhonda Byrne, there are also a lot of info on the web including the free eBook found here: http://www.healtalk.com/public/10.shtml

Have a GREAT season.

Tim McCain

Senior Vice President


How to Speed-Up Your Activation

How to Speed-Up Your Activation:

Season is just starting to gear up and many of you need to activate your PhotoLynx Software.  We have a few simple suggestions on how to get them activated quickly and more efficiently.    

For a lab providing software to their customers:

When your clients send in a serialization file, have them include in their e-mail who they are, the more information the better.  Such as their name, company name, state and city.  And, who their lab is.  This is the most helpful piece of information. 

Then next step is getting the lab’s, your, approval.  If you are aware of a client sending in for activation, call us or send us an e-mail giving us a heads up.  Tell us who they are, and what software they are activating.  If we already have these few pieces of information, we will be able to get their activation right back to them.  It will save you time and us time, and your clients will be happy!

*For advanced approval of activations e-mail activation@photolynx.com

For software purchased directly through PhotoLynx:


When you send in your serialization file include in your email your company name.

Our new company policy is that no activations get sent without prior payment, so if you have not yet spoken to Trisha Kelly about renewal you will need to.  You can reach her directly at 760-765-1199 or email her tkelly@photolynx.com.

If you need immediate assistance with your activation please call us, anyone who answers the phone can help you.

PhotoLynx, this is Mike Smith. How can I help you?

My name is Mike Smith (no relation to Kat) and I have been with PhotoLynx for a few months now.  While growing up in Hawaii, Texas, Utah, and California I was always the person in the family that everyone called for help with their computer, so when I started looking for a job it was easy to find work fixing computers.  I have been doing tech support the last 5 years, and  I’m glad to be at PhotoLynx now.  We have great software and services that are an asset to the photography industry.  I have a lot of hobbies but when I’m not riding a horse, leather working, or building something I will be watching a TV show ’til I fall asleep.  Ice cream is the best food in the universe, and sometimes I drive faster than I should.  Hope to hear from you soon and next time you call in with a question  I’ll be waiting with the answer.

Mike and his nephew.

So far so good…

I am pleasantly surprised this fall season.  Now granted, it is only the first week of September, I am really excited about this years fall season!! This is going to be my 8th fall season and so far it has been the best!  I am working with very knowledgable staff, and we are ready to rock and roll!  Just a reminder, we have extended our hours to 6:00 am to 6:00 pm PST and we are now open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm PST to better meet your needs!

Can I get a WOAH TEAM!!

Tawnya Pitman

General Manager