How to Speed-Up Your Activation

How to Speed-Up Your Activation:

Season is just starting to gear up and many of you need to activate your PhotoLynx Software.  We have a few simple suggestions on how to get them activated quickly and more efficiently.    

For a lab providing software to their customers:

When your clients send in a serialization file, have them include in their e-mail who they are, the more information the better.  Such as their name, company name, state and city.  And, who their lab is.  This is the most helpful piece of information. 

Then next step is getting the lab’s, your, approval.  If you are aware of a client sending in for activation, call us or send us an e-mail giving us a heads up.  Tell us who they are, and what software they are activating.  If we already have these few pieces of information, we will be able to get their activation right back to them.  It will save you time and us time, and your clients will be happy!

*For advanced approval of activations e-mail

For software purchased directly through PhotoLynx:


When you send in your serialization file include in your email your company name.

Our new company policy is that no activations get sent without prior payment, so if you have not yet spoken to Trisha Kelly about renewal you will need to.  You can reach her directly at 760-765-1199 or email her

If you need immediate assistance with your activation please call us, anyone who answers the phone can help you.


2 Responses to How to Speed-Up Your Activation

  1. Emily Pastor says:

    We have to reload camlinx on one of our computers. We are at a school today until 3:15 PM and will need some help getting it loaded. We have another school on Thursday. We are licensed under Moeller Photography. Is there a locaton we can download the software?

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