New RipLynx Feature Saves Time!

New Riplynx Feature Saves Time!

For customers using our Riplynx rendering module, you may already know that when you line up multiple jobs (or even just one job) into the que for rendering, that Riplyx will happily let you know when it comes to a unit that it can’t render due to a problem with it.  Up until now, Riplynx patiently waited for you to come back to the computer and acknowledge the error by clicking “OK,” upon which it would continue on its merry way printing the remainder of the job, or sometimes would cancel the job altogether.  This was frustrating and meant lost printing time when these jobs would either have to pick up where they left off or start completely over (as well as blocking the rendering of jobs that were error free lined up after the one with the error).

We understood this frustration and have just released a new version of the software that introduces a feature we call “Error Trapping.”  What this means is that Riplynx now opens a dialog box and reports in the log whether a job contained errors or if it printed completely with no errors.  The best part is that if an error is encountered, the error is logged and Riplynx continues printing all the jobs in the que without worrying about you seeing the error before continuing.

This new feature will potentially save hours of rendering time for our customers.  To update to this new version, click here:  Ver.2010.4003

If you have any questions, please call our friendly and helpful staff at 760-765-1199.


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