Viva Las Vegas!!

2011 Users’ Group

I think one of the best ways to start our year is having the opportunity to come together as business partners, peers and industry leaders at our annual “Users’ Group Meeting.”  This year was exceptional to me since it was the largest one I have seen to date.  It was exciting having to bring in extra seating to accommodate all that wanted to be there to learn about what our presenters brought to share.

New technologies were eagerly presented by Hewlett Packard, who showed us new printers that will produce finished products using only ink that were comparable to chemical processed products and superior to toner produced products.  Canon demonstrated its new 7D with barcode scanning capabilitites for storing metadata in the images for an untethered workflow.

Our top engineer wowed the attendees with our upcoming release of “FLOW,” our newest addition to the Photolynx Suite of Software.  People were buzzing for the next few days about how excited they were to see it and are eager to implement it into their workflow next year.

As is typical, we “piggy-backed” our meeting with the SPAC convention and trade show.  The turnout was awesome!  Watching people come out of our seminars and the seminars put on by SPAC with new ideas and visions for how to grow their businesses helped renew my confidence that in spite of a stuggling economy, this industry is certainly recovering nicely.

During the meetings, I was able to meet with some of our customers and help with workflow and training dilemas, which will result in much saved time for them.  It is truly one of my favorite tasks at our yearly meetings – getting to help our customers save time, money and be more productive so that they can be more successful! The event also gives us great opportunities to socialize with our clients and vendors.  I was thrilled to be shown the sites from a limo and even got to go see the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign for the first time ever!  Thank you, Nick!


I was not able to see all of the presenters for the Users’ Group or the SPAC convention, but it was wonderful getting to see our customers, meet customers that have joined us over the past year, and to meet people just being intruduced to Photolynx.  Being able to have those face-to-face conversations truly helps us realize that we are all “just people,” coming together to attain a common goal of succeeding in what we do.  The cool part is that these “just people” have become not only business associates, but are people I am proud to call my friends.

I am looking forward to another successful year in School Photography!!

Kat McClanahan


Online Technical Support Database!

NEW!  Online Technical Support Database!

We have just released to the public our Technical Support Forum, or “PCS” – “Problem, Cause, Solution.”  This forum is a wealth of information for how to fix common errors or accomplish a particular goal in our software programs.  This is available 24/7 on our website and can be viewed by anyone with an internet connection. 

Ok, but how do I find it and use it?  First, go to  Next, hover your mouse over the “SUPPORT” menu towards the right.  This should activate a drop-down menu of possible choices.  Click the second option from the top “Technical Support Forum “PCS”.”


A new window will open and display the forum.  If you scroll down, you will see that each of our software modules has their own category, as well as spec requirements for that module. 

There are two ways to find the information you are looking for.  First, you can click on the icon for the software you want to access and scroll through the list of threads (subjects) and then select the one you want to view.  Or, on the right, just down from the top, is a search area.  You can click the word “Search” and it will give you an empty field where you can type your search criteria.  Type a keyword here and click Search.  The forum will show you all the entries with that keyword in it.  Adding quotes around two words will tell it to look for that specific string of words.


If you don’t find what you are looking for in the P.C.S or would like us to walk you through any thing give us a call at 760-765-1199.