May News Letter

PhotoLynx Flow™

There has been quite a bit of hype over our
“Secret Squirrel” product Flow (remember our 2009
User’s Group Meeting). So, it’s time to shed some light
on the subject, since Flow has been in operation for
over 2 years. PhotoLynx worked with Burrell Colour
and Technicare to create a
new and innovative product that facilitates the
communication between the lab and the

Flow™ has many benefits over other capture

  • Improved Multi Pose Workflow
  • Simple User interface
  • Custom Screen Interface and Floating
  • Ability to Soft Crop (user defined)
  • Improved Data Management
  • Multiple Project Ability
  • Efficient and Accurate Template
    Building Tools
  • Ability to Directly FTP Jobs(orders)

To get a demo of Flow™ click on the link below
for contact information.

There has, also, been a lot of talk about another system
PhotoLynx Inc. is proud to offer….Quixi uses an
encrypted QR (quick response) code in the image to
populate a text file. Next, take your images and data
into any system!
Here are some of the benefits of this system:

  • Low Start Up Cost
    *Minimum to
    purchase Quixi scan system $550.00
    * Unlimited
    * No yearly fee
    * No contract
    * Pay
    as you go
    * Purchase version includes on-site ID
    card production
  • No Database
  • Very  intuitive, learning curve
    is minimal
  • Save thousands on Data entry

Call PhotoLynx and get your Quixi station today!!!

Note From Tim McCain, Senior VP
We are here to help. I have had the pleasure of working with
most of you for years, and am proud to call you friends.
I take for granted my friends know they can call on me
for anything. I also take for granted everyone knows all
of our core beliefs.  Well, some of you don’t know
me or are new to PhotoLynx, and so it is worth
What we have on our website states:

PhotoLynx has developed an integrated line of software products to
aid School Photography businesses throughout the
production process. PhotoLynx products assist the
Photographer, the Studio, the Professional Color Lab and
the School. Our focus has been on streamlining the
production of digital services, traditional and digital
packages by linking PhotoLynx software to all standard
industry hardware and software.

PhotoLynx has over 750 businesses using our software and have been in
the School Photography business for about 15

What is not stated on our website, but is in our core company
culture is:
PhotoLynx was built on the fact that we want to see you succeed,
to build your company. We built our company working with
Mom & Pop size businesses; therefore no client is
too small. We believe in what goes around comes around.
We feel strongly that good guys can finish first. We are
a faith based company. We think when you call a tech
support line you should get a real, live person, and
help as fast as possible. We feel that we are more than
a software vendor, we are your friend.
Ask around. We live this.

If you need help with anything, whether you’re client or not,
give me a call.


Link to the latest software
This link will take you to our website and you can review the
changes and download the latest software updates.
Keep in mind we have additional releases being tested in case
the above doesn’t address your issue or
request.   Please contact PhotoLynx to see if
we have a build for you.

Latest on the Blog

  • Flow
  • Meet
  • Quixi

Go to:

Kat McClanahan is our employee of the month for May! Kat has
made our website stronger, and as a result or tech
support better. If you have had a good experience with
tech support, chances are Kat had something to do with
it, she is our lead tech as well as new staff
Way to go Kat!


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