Intro for Joey Briese (the new member of the PhotoLynx)


If you have recently called the PhotoLynx home office you
may have noticed a new voice on the other end. I have just finished my first
month meeting and greeting a great group of customers. Well, just in case you
have called let me introduce myself, my name is Joey Briese and I’m the newest
member of PhotoLynx technical support team.


My “new” job here at PhotoLynx is somewhat taking my career
full circle. I have held various positions in software development for more
than 20 years. I started out doing tech support for what was then a small “mom
‘n pop” tax preparation software company, which is now the biggest. After doing
a couple seasons of support, I quickly discovered a knack and interest in
testing software. My career path continued to direct me in the software QA
testing field to a number of lead and managing roles.


By the start of the millennium I have had several changes in
my life most importantly, I got married. After a couple years of marriage, my
wife and I began thinking about expanding our family. We decided add to our
family by adopting two kids, a girl and a boy. Since their first day in their
new home our lives have been focused on loving, teaching and supporting them
through their development into young adults.


Over the last ten years of my life, I have had a number of wonderful
growing experiences both professionally, as well as personally. Along with the
additions to the family, I have also furthered my education by getting both a
BS in Computer Information Science and a BS in Business Management. I have also
been able to focus on two other passions I have working with kids and sports. I
have been able work those interests into coaching tennis at Ramona High School
and soccer at Julian
High School. I also
volunteer part of my summer working tickets & gates and with credentials
for the local stop on the women’s professional tennis tour.


All of which brigs me back to my position here at PhotoLynx.
From my first interview with Tim and staff here at PhotoLynx I became an instant
fan, not just of the software but more for the people and the environment. I
quickly could see how everyone is on board with making this truly a customer
first company. Over my first month here, I have spent many hours learning both
the industry and the program. As I continue to answer your calls over the
coming months, I look forward meeting you and helping you operate the program
and more importantly grow your business.

I truly look at life as a journey and this is my next step
in the journey of my life. I look forward to making this a long and productive step
in the journey.


Joey Briese