Meet Courtney!

Hello! I am the newest team member at PhotoLynx. My name is Courtney and besides
working at PhotoLynx, I am a Portrait/Wedding Photographer. I recently graduated
from Brooks Institute of Photography where I earned my Bachelor’s in Professional
Photography with an emphasis on Portraiture. I also have an Associates degree in
Portrait/Wedding Photography.
I am originally from a small farming town in Minnesota and I have been in
California for just over three years. I never thought I would leave home until I found the
amazing opportunity to go to school at Brooks in Santa Barbara. I have found that I love San Diego the most out of all the places I’ve been in the state.
Besides my love of people photography I also love to take photographs of food!
I’m not a great product shooter but there’s something about a food shoot that is just so much fun.
I look forward to talking to you and helping you with your activations and talking
to you when I answer your calls!

If you would like to take a look at my work you can view it at: (Portrait/Wedding) (Food)


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