Bootcamp Wrap-Up 2012

Two of our team members recently attended a Bootcamp at the Alexis Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Tawnya and Courtney led a workshop to introduce our newest software, FLOW®.  This Bootcamp was for people that are interested in starting to photograph schools.


Bootcamp Attendees

There was an array of talent, some were seasoned school photographer veterans and some were just getting into how to start up.  This was good for our newest team member, Courtney, to get acquainted with some new faces!


Tawnya presenting Flow®

A Note from Courtney

As a photographer, it was nice to go see our software in action.  I started off our first night by helping people see how FLOW® works hands on.  There were several green screen stations set up and the photographers took turns in a real world situation of photographing children.  I showed them how to use FLOW® as a capture, starting with a barcode scan.

Using Flow

Using Flow®

The second day was all hands on with FLOW®.  Tawnya walked everyone through a FLOW® job and I walked around getting acquainted with everyone and making sure they were up and running and answering questions if they got stuck.  After Tawnya was done, both her and I answered any additional questions and helped answer any workflow questions.


Watching the PhotoLynx Video

After we were finished it was off to the airport!  It was a quick trip but really helped me to see how our software helps and works in the field and for other photographers.


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