Bootcamp Wrap-Up 2012

Two of our team members recently attended a Bootcamp at the Alexis Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Tawnya and Courtney led a workshop to introduce our newest software, FLOW®.  This Bootcamp was for people that are interested in starting to photograph schools.


Bootcamp Attendees

There was an array of talent, some were seasoned school photographer veterans and some were just getting into how to start up.  This was good for our newest team member, Courtney, to get acquainted with some new faces!


Tawnya presenting Flow®

A Note from Courtney

As a photographer, it was nice to go see our software in action.  I started off our first night by helping people see how FLOW® works hands on.  There were several green screen stations set up and the photographers took turns in a real world situation of photographing children.  I showed them how to use FLOW® as a capture, starting with a barcode scan.

Using Flow

Using Flow®

The second day was all hands on with FLOW®.  Tawnya walked everyone through a FLOW® job and I walked around getting acquainted with everyone and making sure they were up and running and answering questions if they got stuck.  After Tawnya was done, both her and I answered any additional questions and helped answer any workflow questions.


Watching the PhotoLynx Video

After we were finished it was off to the airport!  It was a quick trip but really helped me to see how our software helps and works in the field and for other photographers.


Meet Courtney!

Hello! I am the newest team member at PhotoLynx. My name is Courtney and besides
working at PhotoLynx, I am a Portrait/Wedding Photographer. I recently graduated
from Brooks Institute of Photography where I earned my Bachelor’s in Professional
Photography with an emphasis on Portraiture. I also have an Associates degree in
Portrait/Wedding Photography.
I am originally from a small farming town in Minnesota and I have been in
California for just over three years. I never thought I would leave home until I found the
amazing opportunity to go to school at Brooks in Santa Barbara. I have found that I love San Diego the most out of all the places I’ve been in the state.
Besides my love of people photography I also love to take photographs of food!
I’m not a great product shooter but there’s something about a food shoot that is just so much fun.
I look forward to talking to you and helping you with your activations and talking
to you when I answer your calls!

If you would like to take a look at my work you can view it at: (Portrait/Wedding) (Food)


I am SOOO incredibly excited about today being the first day of the rest of my life!!!  The possibilities are endless and each and every one of us has the ability to make our lives everything we dreamed of from right this minute forward!!!  A year ago, I had a complete shift in thinking that has resulted in realizing that I CAN have the life I have always wanted.  And it started with Tim McCain.  Just one year ago Tim sent all of us to a “Get Motivated” seminar, where the presenters were almost all older businessmen.  I admit that I grudgingly went, wondering what the heck any of them could possibly say that would relate to me – a mother of four who would rather be home making bread and quilts than work full time.  A few things struck me in a positive way and I felt that it had been a worthwhile field trip.  A few weeks later, Tim assigned all of us some required reading. I was not really excited, but  I downloaded the book and began to read.

I liked the first bit and decided to look up info on the author.  I was overjoyed and felt that Tim finally “got me” when I discovered that Leslie Householder, the Author of “The Jackrabbit Factor,” was a Christian, homeschooling mother of seven.  Now THIS was a motivator with whom I could actually relate!  I devoured this first book and then borrowed the follow up to it called “The Portal to Genius.”  I was hooked on the philosophy and concepts being taught – Visualize your future as if it was your present; believe that the how will find its way to you; and express gratitude every day for everything you have right now.   I even signed up and paid for a series of articles from the author and really studied each one, and began seeking more sources on the power of the mind when it comes to one’s success.

At this same time, I had decided that I had had it with an injury that I had been told was “irreversible, incurable and permanent” by numerous specialists.   I knew I had enough knowledge about alternative and natural healing to know where to look to find a better way.  I read a ton and I made some drastic changes, including going on a 100% raw-vegan diet and added LOTS of omega 3 oils to my diet.  Within 3 weeks, the pain was completely GONE and I had full range of motion back!  I had been told that I would never live another day in my life without pain and here I was PAIN-FREE for the first time in 4 ½ years!!!!

I HAD to share this with people and there HAD to be a way I could do this!!!  I had always wanted to do something in the field of alternative healing and had spent the last 20 years in self study in the field of whole-foods nutrition and alternative wellness.  I am raising my children on principles of natural wellness, so I know it works.  I also I knew from what I had been reading the Jackrabbit books that there was a way I could combine my passion for alternative healing and wellness into a profession. I wrote out a personal mission statement, began to visualize the life I had always wanted to live, signed up for school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Counselor and gave Photolynx my “one year notice.”

During that year, I launched “Loving Life Wellness,” a private health counseling practice and began building it one health goal at a time.  I am truly changing lives of individuals and families in my own community, state, country and world, one at a time by supporting them in discovering their own path to optimal health and wellness!  It is truly my passion!!

By focusing on families who have children with neurological and auto-immune issues, I see first hand the amazing rewards of what positive, permanent changes can do for these children to help them live happier, higher functioning lives that make them feel good about who they are and what they have the power within them to do!  The transformations are nothing short of awesome!

It is time to bid a bittersweet farewell to all of you!  I am truly going to miss my family here at Photolynx.  I have made friends with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life and every one of you has made a positive impact on my life.  I have learned so much about how a business that runs on a model of integrity can succeed.  I have seen company leaders lead by setting a vision and then getting out of the way.  I have experienced the type of work environment that I hope to emulate in my own wellness center with my own employees and business partners.  I have been truly transformed in a way I will never forget!!

So it is now that I give each of you a “virtual bear hug” and express deep gratitude for what you have added to my life and wish you a lifetime of happiness, health and optimal wellness!!!!

And now for the shameless marketing plug….

Let me help you reach YOUR unique goals for optimal health, wellness and happiness!!  Contact me and let’s talk about how you can let my passion for life help you rediscover yours and lead you to the life you have always wanted!!!  I am offering a FREE consultation to everyone at Photolynx as well as its customers.  I am also offering a complimentary massage to anyone who invests in my Platinum Lifetime Wellness program or refers a Platinum Lifetime Wellness client to me.

Kat McClanahan
Holistic Health Counselor
Loving Life Wellness

PhotoLynx, Inc. and ImageQuix, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

News Release –  For Immediate Release

For Additional Information Contact:

Paul Schulz

PhotoLynx, Inc. and ImageQuix, Inc. Announce Strategic Alliance

 San Diego, CA – November 16, 2011 – With the release of PhotoLynx’ new software, FLOW, PhotoLynx, Inc. and ImageQuix, Inc. have formed a strategic alliance to provide full service installation and implementation of FLOW.  PhotoLynx’ newest software release, FLOW represents the next generation software for photographers photographing events, schools and sports. FLOW incorporates a brand-new designed interface, intuitive data and image matching methods, and many other features that improve usage and performance over its predecessor, CamLynx. FLOW is designed to efficiently associate data and images providing the photographer a new level of control over product offerings and the on-site photography process.

Tim McCain, Sr. vice Pres. of PhotoLynx, Inc. says, “We are in the very unique position to be truly full service. The addition of ImageQuix technology into FLOW will allow a photographer to capture the image, post it online, bring it back into FLOW and send it to print, all with just a few clicks. This is what has been missing over the past few years. We are excited to bring this relationship to market”

Mark Valente, President of ImagQuix, Inc. says, “I believe we have created a ‘Best-of-Both Worlds’ integration for the high volume photographer.  This system is so streamlined and efficient; it has leveled the playing field for the independent school photographer to compete with the major vendors. This is huge.”

PhotoLynx is a California corporation located in Julian, CA.

ImageQuix is a South Carolina corporation located in Greenville, SC

PhotoLynx, Inc. is a privately owned California corporation founded in 1988.  PhotoLynx, Inc. specializes in writing and supporting digital imaging software for the volume package photography market; school, sports & dances.

In addition to the professions’ leading digital imaging software, PhotoLynx, Inc. also works with individual companies to produce custom needed software.

ImageQuix is a privately owned South Carolina corporation founded in 1997.  ImageQuix specializes in the online sales and marketing of photos for professional photographers.  ImageQuix is networked with the industry’s leading digital imaging labs, providing a turnkey solution for direct fulfillment of online photo sales.

Intro for Joey Briese (the new member of the PhotoLynx)


If you have recently called the PhotoLynx home office you
may have noticed a new voice on the other end. I have just finished my first
month meeting and greeting a great group of customers. Well, just in case you
have called let me introduce myself, my name is Joey Briese and I’m the newest
member of PhotoLynx technical support team.


My “new” job here at PhotoLynx is somewhat taking my career
full circle. I have held various positions in software development for more
than 20 years. I started out doing tech support for what was then a small “mom
‘n pop” tax preparation software company, which is now the biggest. After doing
a couple seasons of support, I quickly discovered a knack and interest in
testing software. My career path continued to direct me in the software QA
testing field to a number of lead and managing roles.


By the start of the millennium I have had several changes in
my life most importantly, I got married. After a couple years of marriage, my
wife and I began thinking about expanding our family. We decided add to our
family by adopting two kids, a girl and a boy. Since their first day in their
new home our lives have been focused on loving, teaching and supporting them
through their development into young adults.


Over the last ten years of my life, I have had a number of wonderful
growing experiences both professionally, as well as personally. Along with the
additions to the family, I have also furthered my education by getting both a
BS in Computer Information Science and a BS in Business Management. I have also
been able to focus on two other passions I have working with kids and sports. I
have been able work those interests into coaching tennis at Ramona High School
and soccer at Julian
High School. I also
volunteer part of my summer working tickets & gates and with credentials
for the local stop on the women’s professional tennis tour.


All of which brigs me back to my position here at PhotoLynx.
From my first interview with Tim and staff here at PhotoLynx I became an instant
fan, not just of the software but more for the people and the environment. I
quickly could see how everyone is on board with making this truly a customer
first company. Over my first month here, I have spent many hours learning both
the industry and the program. As I continue to answer your calls over the
coming months, I look forward meeting you and helping you operate the program
and more importantly grow your business.

I truly look at life as a journey and this is my next step
in the journey of my life. I look forward to making this a long and productive step
in the journey.


Joey Briese

PhotoLynx is coming!

Quixi is hitting the road!

Quixi is hitting the road!  With all the fabulous feedback and excitement for the release of Quixi we have decided to go on a Quixi tour.  We will be going over the newest technology revolving around QR codes, customer testimonies and a live demo!

For additional details and attendance information, email Paul Schulz

Wednesday June 8th

Hilton Garden Inn
Atlanta Airport North
3437 Bobby
Brown Parkway
East Point, Georgia 30344

Thursday, June 9th

Dallas Embassy Suites
DFW International Airport
4650 West Airport Freeway
Irving, TX 75062

I hope to see you there!!

Tawnya Pitman

May News Letter

PhotoLynx Flow™

There has been quite a bit of hype over our
“Secret Squirrel” product Flow (remember our 2009
User’s Group Meeting). So, it’s time to shed some light
on the subject, since Flow has been in operation for
over 2 years. PhotoLynx worked with Burrell Colour
and Technicare to create a
new and innovative product that facilitates the
communication between the lab and the

Flow™ has many benefits over other capture

  • Improved Multi Pose Workflow
  • Simple User interface
  • Custom Screen Interface and Floating
  • Ability to Soft Crop (user defined)
  • Improved Data Management
  • Multiple Project Ability
  • Efficient and Accurate Template
    Building Tools
  • Ability to Directly FTP Jobs(orders)

To get a demo of Flow™ click on the link below
for contact information.

There has, also, been a lot of talk about another system
PhotoLynx Inc. is proud to offer….Quixi uses an
encrypted QR (quick response) code in the image to
populate a text file. Next, take your images and data
into any system!
Here are some of the benefits of this system:

  • Low Start Up Cost
    *Minimum to
    purchase Quixi scan system $550.00
    * Unlimited
    * No yearly fee
    * No contract
    * Pay
    as you go
    * Purchase version includes on-site ID
    card production
  • No Database
  • Very  intuitive, learning curve
    is minimal
  • Save thousands on Data entry

Call PhotoLynx and get your Quixi station today!!!

Note From Tim McCain, Senior VP
We are here to help. I have had the pleasure of working with
most of you for years, and am proud to call you friends.
I take for granted my friends know they can call on me
for anything. I also take for granted everyone knows all
of our core beliefs.  Well, some of you don’t know
me or are new to PhotoLynx, and so it is worth
What we have on our website states:

PhotoLynx has developed an integrated line of software products to
aid School Photography businesses throughout the
production process. PhotoLynx products assist the
Photographer, the Studio, the Professional Color Lab and
the School. Our focus has been on streamlining the
production of digital services, traditional and digital
packages by linking PhotoLynx software to all standard
industry hardware and software.

PhotoLynx has over 750 businesses using our software and have been in
the School Photography business for about 15

What is not stated on our website, but is in our core company
culture is:
PhotoLynx was built on the fact that we want to see you succeed,
to build your company. We built our company working with
Mom & Pop size businesses; therefore no client is
too small. We believe in what goes around comes around.
We feel strongly that good guys can finish first. We are
a faith based company. We think when you call a tech
support line you should get a real, live person, and
help as fast as possible. We feel that we are more than
a software vendor, we are your friend.
Ask around. We live this.

If you need help with anything, whether you’re client or not,
give me a call.


Link to the latest software
This link will take you to our website and you can review the
changes and download the latest software updates.
Keep in mind we have additional releases being tested in case
the above doesn’t address your issue or
request.   Please contact PhotoLynx to see if
we have a build for you.

Latest on the Blog

  • Flow
  • Meet
  • Quixi

Go to:

Kat McClanahan is our employee of the month for May! Kat has
made our website stronger, and as a result or tech
support better. If you have had a good experience with
tech support, chances are Kat had something to do with
it, she is our lead tech as well as new staff
Way to go Kat!


There has been quite a bit of hype over our “Secret Squirrel” product Flow(remember our 2009 user group). So I thought maybe it was time to shed a little bit of light on the subject, since Flow has been in operation for over 2 years. PhotoLynx worked with Burrell Colour Imaging and Technicare to create a new and innovative product that facilitates the communication between the lab and the studio. That being said, I thought that who better to share their knowledge of the product, than the company that is using it in action, so I asked Cindy Moss from Burrell to share with the PhotoLynx world what it is all about, and how it has affected their business.

Tawnya Pitman

General Manager, PhotoLynx

Flow + Burrell

One goal we have at Burrell is to offer our customers the most up to date solutions in order to allow you to most efficiently handle your workflow and maximize your profits.  That’s why we were honored to have been the lab of choice by Photolynx to help test and develop their new Flow software.  We have a history of writing our own software, a history of development with Kodak, and were very excited to be a part of this development which helps studios shoot school and sports jobs more efficiently and accurately. It’s been interesting, challenging, exciting, and overall a wonderful experience to be a part of the new software

Haven’t heard of Flow, yet? Flow is the next generation of software for photographers shooting Events, Schools, and Sports.  Flow incorporates a brand new designed interface, intuitive data and image matching methods, and many other features that improve usage and performance.  Flow is designed to efficiently associate data and images providing the photographer a new level of control over product offerings and the on site process.

Our School and Sports team has been traveling the country holding Flow user’s groups to give studios the opportunity to see how powerful Flow is first hand, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Studios are raving about features such as easily being able to switch between projects, the lab synced catalog, built in order forms, and the intuitive nature of the program.  In addition, studios have been creatively taking advantage of the Layout Designer tool.  This tool is a graphic layout interface that allows you to create proofs, ID cards, cameracards, and much more.  The sky’s the limit for product creation using the Layout Designer!

We’re also pleased to announce that Burrell, Photolynx, and ImageQuix have all partnered together to give you a seamless workflow for online ordering.  You can upload your images and data directly from Flow to ImageQuix with the touch of a button.  You can even password protect each individual student, allow your customers to order multi-pose packages, set up pre-order sites, and much, much more.  As online orders are received, Burrell prints, hand sorts, and ships directly to your customer.  Coupling Flow and ImageQuix together you’ll be equipped with a full arsenal of the most efficient solutions to make both capture and selling a breeze!

For more information on Flow watch our Flow feature video on YouTube(, or contact Burrell Customer Care at (800) 348-8732.

Cindy Moss

Social Marketing Specialist

Burrell  Imaging

Meet Sonya…

Hello Photolynx!
My name is Sonya Sheets and I am the newest team member of this insightful team.  I am currently a college student  at Palomar San Marcos and almost twenty years of age. Currently my major thus far is Medical/ Electrical technical illustration and writing. I am slowly but surely working towards my goal to be professionally aware of the needs of economic change in the buisness arena. My other Major(s) are Art, Graphic art, Photography, web design with Html, Css, & in the future, Java script.  In the not-too-distant future, I hope to get a Web design company together.  My undying love for history will always remain my Minor.

I was raised as a musical fanatic of Metal, Rock and roll, Electronica, Opera, Gothic and much much more. I constantly surround myself with music because it is apart of my life and my family. It will always be apart of me. On a side note, I did play guitar for a few years but realized my greater interest in the Cello. It’s deep beratone sound just keeps me thinking, “I would love to play that, I have all the time in the world to learn and manipulate this beautiful sound”.  Painting, Mural Painting,Crochet, Drawing, Digital painting, Reading, Woodworking, Jewelry making, Soap making,Photography Artistic Photo shoots, Renaissance Fairs & Gardening are all my hobbies & interests. As you can see, I have alot to keep me occupied and creative these days.

If you were to ask what else I was into, I would tell you that I am huge Foodie (Constant seeker of new restaurants). I am also a big fan of the Theater productions that come from time to time, such as “Repo the genetic opera ” and ” Rocky Horror”. I am also a huge Cinema-fanatic when it comes to Victorian Era movies.

I am a strange person with a million things to do. But I must say that I am happy with where my goals, wherever they will lead me, for I am a DIY adventurous artist.Until next time, I am your tech support and I would love to help you with your Photolynx software!

-Sonya Sheets