EYE-FI SD Card Wireless Tether?

I just got the EYE-FI wireless tether SD card. It connects to your computer through a wireless network! I thought it might be a good answer for many of our customers who are shooting tethered. As soon as I got the card, I was anxious to try it out, so I got out my Fuji S3 camera and I forgot that the second slot in the camera is XD not SD….I ordered a CF to SD adapter and then waited a week to get that. I put the SD card into the CF adapter then the CF adapter into my Fuji S3. It worked. Albeit, a little too slow to be shooting a job tethered. It would be perfect for candids for an event photographer that wants to display their work on site, or auto upload the images to a web-site.The computer I was testing this on was connected to my network through wireless. The EYE-FI card doesn’t connect ad-hoc, it connects to the wireless router. So, I am wondering if maybe I can increase my speeds with my computer hard wired to my router. I will test it more throughly over the Thanksgiving weekend and write about it here.


I see that I have been getting some hits looking for the SD to Compact Flash adapter.  Here is where I got it.