Courtney and Kalyn go on a field trip!

Recently Kalyn and Courtney made a day trip up to Los Angeles to assist School Portraits by Kranz in utilizing FLOW.  Kranz just started using FLOW and Kalyn and Courtney went to help out, see their workflow and to see FLOW in action. Kalyn and Courtney arrived in LA and helped Kranz bring in their photography equipment and watch them set up for their photo shoots.

Once everything had been brought in, the photography staff set up their computer, started FLOW and Kalyn and Courtney helped go over the FLOW workflow that Kranz was using. Kranz has a pretty basic workflow which includes: scanning a barcode, double checking the student data, photographing the student (tethered capture) and printing the ID card. Because they were scanning barcodes and shooting tethered Kalyn and Courtney went into the event triggers and had the image automatically assign to the student record to save time to have to manually assign images. Kranz was printing ID cards on location and it was a fast and simple shoot.


“This was a great learning tool to see how FLOW works out in the field and to see what the photographers we talk with are experiencing on their shoots.  This was a smaller school so it was a lot more mellow than most but really gave us a feel for what our client’s experience. Having to get up so early and head to LA for the shoot really gave me a feel for what these photographers go through.  After talking to the photographer and hearing her feedback on FLOW it was nice to know that our software gave her a feeling of ease for her high volume shoots.” – Courtney

“It’s always great to finally get to meet our clients face to face, I had a great time seeing the photographer in action and I have a new respect for the fast pace work flow these photographers have to deal with. It was also exciting to see the software that I work with every day in live action helping make everything more productive and efficient. The Kranz crew and a great work flow and were total pros with Flow by the end of it. I’m so thankful for the opportunity that was giving to me, I had a great time learned a ton and if given the chance I would absolutely to do it again.” – Kalyn


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