Using a tablet with Green Screen.

Using a tablet with Green Screen

One of the best tools a graphic designer, photographer, or any digital artist can have in their personal arsenal is a tablet.  The most well know, and highest quality tablets are made by Wacom.  Tablets are connected to your computer by USB cord, or wirelessly.  Wacom also has many different models, from small to extra-large tablets, to pen on-screen models where you actually draw on a LCD monitor.  Both types are used with a Wacom pen.  The pen is cordless, and battery less.  The pen gets its power from a wire grid below the screen on the tablet.  This grid is also how the pen and tablet communicate, they use radio waves sent back and forth to each other.  The pen has a pressure sensitive tip, and through the radio waves this pressure information as well as tilt information is sent to the tablet and on to the computer. 

            The most experience I have had with using a tablet is in college graphic design classes.  They are amazing.  It is much more of a natural feeling using a pen rather than a big, clunky mouse.  Using a tablet with Green Screen was no less of a great experience.  I have used Green Screen in the past with a mouse.  It works well, but I always thought that it could be smoother and could use more flow.  The pen and tablet do just that.  It brings the needed ease and comfort to the movement of your hand.  If you are new to using and tablet, it may be a bit slower at first using it with Green Screen.  But, after you learn how to control it, it will speed up your production time.  I would highly suggest trying one of these out!

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PhotoLynx gives back…

PhotoLynx gives back…and we want your help!

Team PhotoLynx will be participating in the 2010 San Diego Blood Bank 5K Walk/Run.  This is an organization that I personally feel very intimate with.  Click the link below to see what it is all about and why you should be a part of it.


Speed up green screen!

We have just come out with some newer technology to help speed up green screen.  Call a technician today, so we can show you how!! 760-765-1199

Absolutely Nothing…

Labor Day is finished and everyone is discussing their activities from the weekend. I felt a twinge of guilt on Friday as other PhotoLynx employees laid out plans for their weekend expeditions. I had nothing planned. But now that the weekend is over I will quote Peter Gibbons from Office Space:  “I did absolutely nothing, and it was everything that I thought it could be.”  My weekend consisted of playing with the dogs around the pool, eating pizza, and watching the whole Band of Brothers marathon on Monday.

Let’s enjoy the short week and I hope that some of you out there have absolutely nothing planned.