Great School Portraits in 39 Seconds: It’s Elementary with the Right Workflow

I just spent the day at a Pre-Convention Imaging USA taking place at Sepcon listening to Chris Wonder.  He was speaking about “Great School Portraits in 39 Seconds: It’s Elementary with the Right Workflow”.  I spoke the last couple of hours about fitting PhotoLynx into the underclass workflow.  I had to leave just before it ended to catch a plane back home, so Chris Wunder wrapped stuff up.

There was about 30 in attendance.  Many are old PhotoLynx friends.  I saw Mary Cahill from Cahill studios in Wisconsin and Bert Burr from Bert Burr Studios in Louisiana.  There were others as well, I wish I wasn’t so terrible with names… sorry if you’re reading this and i didn’t mention you.

The seminar was 8 hours long.  It began at 8:00 am and was still going after 6:00 pm.  Chris took what he normally teaches in his underclass boot camps over three days and condensed it into a single day.  It was a really great workshop for those who are interested in getting into or just got into school photography. 

Chris reviewed everything from necessary hardware, software, and workflow needed to start your own school photography business.  If you are just starting in school photography can catch one of Chris Wunder’s lectures, I strongly recommend it.

The dates on this link has already passed.  But check in occasionally for an update on his lectures.

Tim and Tawnya will be at Imaging USA on Sunday and Monday in booth 1401.  We will not be there on the opening day on Sunday.

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